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  1. I was honored to participate in the pioneer class of the leadership course on “Personality Type of the Leader & People Skills”.
    It was a tremendously valuable exercise in self-discovery, self-analysis, and in learning about and appreciating my strengths and weaknesses. In particular, the course brought about an understanding of the differences between my personal temperament and my inherent gifts; I have often returned to the course material to endeavor to apply the lessons learnt.
    I recommend the course as a foundation for personal leadership development, and as a basis for overall effectiveness in relating with others – whether in the workplace, in the home, or elsewhere.

    Chike Ekwueme (Lawyer)

  2. “Module 1 of the People Focused Leadership course is an inspiring Introduction to the subject of leadership. The material, as laid out, projects the participant into a journey of self-discovery. Very insightful and thought-provoking”.

    Damilola Ajayi,
    Executive Director,
    Vetiva Capital (2020)

  3. During the Module One of the People Focused Leadership Series of the Grace Johnson Leadership Institute, I came to better appreciate aspects of my personality and how these aspects affected my relationships, both in my family and in my career.
    I have been better able to manage the conflicts arising from my interactions, increase effectiveness at communicating, and manage teams better for increased productivity.

    Michael W. Ndiomu,
    Banker and Entrepreneur

  4. I am very grateful and thankful that I was a participant in the Grace Johnson Leadership Institute Module 1, which is the Personality Type of the Leader & People Skills training, after my training on this I became more conscious and aware of individual differences in people, their strengths and weaknesses. And how to harness the best from both myself and other people I work with. As a leader, It opened my understanding on how to work with people recognizing their personality traits for who they are and using it to help them become more productive and effective in their day to day functions. It also helped me understand myself better as regards my temperaments &and how to relate better with both family, friends, and colleagues at the workplace. As a parent, It also helped me understand the individuality of each of my children and helps us work together (my wife & I), and to never compare any of them with each other. Instead, acknowledge them as they are and promote the best in them.
    It is a training I strongly recommend for everyone especially as we go into the marketplace (work and business environment) because it will open your awareness to yours and other people’s behaviours & how to make the best of them.

    Osas Ogbeide
    General Manager
    HFP Engineering Nig Ltd.


    As our 4 children were growing up, we noticed that some are more active than others. But we wanted them all to be the same.
    My wife is a fast thinker and extroverted and wants things done without delays. If I tried to think over a matter, she got impatient with me.
    On my part, I always majored on her weaknesses, and so we were always having problems.

    As a Pastor with RCCG, I have members that are quick to do things. They will volunteer to carry out assignments.
    Some others need more encouragement to do things. They would rather be left alone.

    Some come into the house and sit quietly. Some others come in making loud noises. They walk around the house checking one thing or another.
    After going through Grace Johnson Leadership Institute Module 1, which is the Personality Type of the Leader and People Skill Training, I came to realize our differences in Temperaments.
    This has greatly enhanced peace and harmony in my home, church, and friends.
    I am so grateful for this training that has opened my eyes to the different temperaments of people.

    Justin Ogo Ogugua (78 years old).
    Pastor RCCG.

  6. Thank you for this course
    It helped me have a better understanding of my strength and weaknesses.

    Rosemary Onuchukwu
    HFP Staff

  7. The course is a very good course. It taught me to realize exactly who I am and what will be expected of me.

    Chinedu Sike
    HFP Staff.

  8. It was an amazing experience because it has given me a new opportunity to better understand myself and others around me, it was very impactful and I would not hesitate to recommend it to family and friends.

    Kelvin Okafor
    HFP Staff

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